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    PNG sequence compression for After Effects.


      I've created a 2.5 second animation of a finger print that will be used for iOS touch ID for an app. With a frame rate of 24, I've got 62 PNGs in my sequence, how ever their file size ranges from 42kb - 100kb. I need to get the file sizes down to 1kb - 5kb. The max colors used in each PNG is 3 and I need to render as RGB + alpha for transparent background. The largest image sequence size is 390px X 520px. I've played with the settings in the render queue and cannot seem to find something that can compress the file sizes without hurting the image quality. Does anyone know a good way of keeping the quality of my 62 piece PNG sequence while minimizing their size to 1 - 5kb a piece?


      I was thinking maybe using bridge to bring the sequence into Photoshop and either 1. use an action to save the PNG sequence again using 'save for web' feature OR 2. use render video export on the full sequence. Any thoughts or suggestions?