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    Scrolling in Folders panel in Library not working

    Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

      A couple of days ago, scrolling with the mouse wheel in the Folders panel in Library suddenly stopped working.

      I have to position the cursor over the scroll bar to be able to scroll. Scrolling works over the Catalog and Collections panels.

      Scrolling works with all other combinations of views and panels.

      I was using 2015.1.1, and have since upgraded to 2015.3, and the problem persists.

      I had updated my graphics driver the same day this started happening, rolling back to the previous driver didn't work.


      Other things I've tried, that didn't help:

      • Resetting LR preferences
      • Disabling the GPU
      • Disabling the mouse driver (SetPoint)
      • Updating the mouse driver
      • Using a different mouse (USB with cable)


      The only thing that works is running the computer in Safe mode.

      I'm running Windows 7 and using a Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse.

      I have seen one other report of this by Simon G E Garrett in this thread: Has anyone installed 6.3/CC 2015.3 yet?