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    Directory and Import Problem


      I have a problem that is driving me crazy.  Here is the problem.  In the library module under Folders, I show two top level folders with the same name.  One is Album and the other is ALBUM both showing the same number of images.  When I expand ALBUM, it shows ALL the directories and subdirectories on my HD where I import and store photos.  When I expand Album, on the other hand, I only show selected directories and sub directories from my HD where I import and store photos.  The problem recently became apparent when I imported new photos into an existing photo sub directory.  Initially,  I couldn't find the photos when I looked in the corresponding sub directory in LR after the import although when I check my computer's corresponding directory, it was there.  Very strange until I noticed in LR under the Album folder, NOT ALBUM, there was now a new subdirectory corresponding to where I imported my photo. It was the only file there and I could look at it, make changes etc.  I tried moving it to the same subdirectory in ALBUM but I got an error message saying the file already existed and could not be moved. I also tried synchronizing each corresponding subdirectories thinking that my sort out the problem.  It didn't.  As a last resort, I tried updating both directory locations and that too didn't solve the problem.


      Now when ever I import new photos, they get imported them into an existing Album sub directory, if it exists or creates a new if it doesn't.  I no longer import in to my original ALBUM directory. It is very frustrating but I have NO idea how or when I created or got a second top level photo directory.  If that makes sense to anyone, can someone suggest how to get back to one top level directory?

      Thanks, Bill