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    Problems in loading scenes

      I'm new in Flash Proffessional, and I'm doing my first job. Everything it's OK but now I want to load an other scene into my background to first scene (1), from a button. Anybody help me? Thank You.
        • 1. Problems in loading scenes
          cant get what exactly u want ..but what i can understand is that is that u want to switch to other scene when u click a button which is on scene1..(otherwise u cant load a scene onto other scenes)..if thats what all u need u can assign the following frame script ...say for eg ur button name is "mybutton"

          gotoAndPlay ( " scene2 ", 1)
          here "scene2" is the second scene where u want to jump and 1 is the frame of scene2..so the above code ll take u to scene2's first frame..........
          use this script as a frame script , that means paste this code on the frame above ur button n not to the button itself..i hope u know how to do that...