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    How should I begin to use smart previews when I previosly have not used them?


      I have used lightroom for some time now, but I have never used smart previews, so naturaly I have many photos on my PC. I think I have enough space on my computers drives to get by. I would however to get peace of mind: All of my photos are only in one location (my computer). If something were to happen to my computer and I could not retrive photos they would be gone for good.


      That's why I bought external hard drive. I tried to learn as much as possible through tutorials about smart preview. I like the fact that it automaticly saves changes made everywhere. But then I got to thinking: if I use smart previews the way intended wouldn't there still be only one place (external harddrive) in wich the photos would be in? So if I lost the hard drive I would have the same problem. Then again I could have only copy in the hard drive and originals in the computer, but that would take a lot of space wouldn't it? Space isin't problem right now but I think I should think ahead.


      So to summarise:

      • I would like to have my photos on two seperate machines
      • I would like that these would be automaticly syncronised
      • I would like to use minimum drive capasity so that I won't have space problem in the future
      • I have a PC


      Sorry for long question.