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    Time-remap lip sync export?


      Any Adobe plans for a non-png time-remap style export for lip sync? This would be a great non-destructive workflow.


      Like this: After Effects: How To Build a Mouth Rig For Lip Syncing (2D animation) - YouTube

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          MeredithY Adobe Employee

          Hello - I've asked someone on the development team to take a look at your question. Thanks for your patience!



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            Dan Ramirez Adobe Employee

            Are you asking a question about After Effects specifically, or Character Animator?


            That youtube example is the type of AE setup we want to make obsolete. These are the types of rigs that inspired the creation of Character Animator. They're hard to set up and confusing to use. It's a great testament to After Effects' flexibility in the sense that users were able to cobble together a solution for a problem by "misusing" things like Time Remapping. We should absolutely be able to develop a superior workflow for lip sync. 


            Our goals with Character Animator are to have the lip sync process be as painless as possible.


            Part of that is improving the automatic lip sync so you have to do as little correction as possible. We also need very good lip sync editing tools for refining the automatic lip sync, or for manually "keyframing" lip sync for those that want to do it entirely by hand.


            We're currently working on both improving the automatic results and the manual editing of the visemes. The next public version of Character Animator(Preview 3) allows you to manually edit the visemes, but in that build, I would consider that workflow still "under development" since it is not yet user friendly in Preview 3.


            We are committed to having a great lip sync experience. We've done a lot of the underlying work, but there's plenty of work to do on our part to make it a great experience.


            What I described above mostly is about improving the Lip Sync experience in Character Animator, but this work should also benefit animators using just After Effects for their character animation. In this case, CH would be used only for lip sync. We would need some communication back and forth between AE and CH what the UI looks like and where it would be available is "to be determined", but it should be an improvement over current workflows.

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              fredsprinkle Level 1

              I am excited to hear about future developments and I understand the desire to move away from hacky solutions. I just think there will always be a need for non-automatic solutions.


              I can, so far, always get a better sync manually, but I probably will lean on the automatic solution for most applications. It would be nice, however, to be able to quickly and non-destructively move between those worlds. And it looks like this is in the works!


              Having those tweaking capabilities within AE would be a big plus too. For my applications, the lip sync is potentially the best part of Character Animator.