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    Is my configuration good enough?



      I want to buy a laptop for work in adobe tools(CS6 or CC) and I am limited with money. I have some favorites among the shops but I am not sure is it good enough to work without problems and fast enough. I am not demanding high end performance but I want to avoid lags,slow processing etc. as much as possible with my budget.

      The laptop I am considering to buy has the following configuration:

      Asus X554LJ-XX788D Laptop

      Cpu:Intel Core i5 5200U 2,2Ghz(turbo 2,7ghz) 3mb cache

      Display: 15,6inch High-Defintion LED

      VGA:Nvidia Geforce GT920 2GB

      RAM:8GB,1600MHz (one slot free,therefore upgradeable)

      HDD:1TB 5400rpm

      2 years of warranty


      Price is 767$ (for a 12 month rate payment) and Its cheap compared to other laptops respecting their specifications. Also I would buy a good cooler stand for the laptop.


      If someone could tell something about this config or will it pass my demands I would appreciate that.