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    Flash Player Installer has a problem and needs to close.


      I have a 12 year old laptop (HP nx9005) with 1 GB of RAM running XP Home Edition. I have downloaded the Flash Player installer (flashplayer19_ha_install.exe). When I run this installer it encounters a problem after a few seconds and a Microsoft dialogue box appears saying the program had a problem and needs to close, and asks if I want to send a report to Microsoft. As XP is no longer supported, there seems little point in sending the report.


      The information about the problem is:


      AppName: flashplayer19_ha_install.exe    


      ModName: flashplayer19_ha_install.exe


      Offset: 0000599b


      I have done a complete clean install of XP using the original disks that came with the laptop. I have also downloaded the installer three times from www.adobe.com. Each time I get the same error. Installers for other products such as the antivirus package all work.


      The CPU is an AMD Athlon XP2000+.


      Any suggestions to get Flash Player installed will be gratefully received.