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    Quality of transitions 4k-UHD in premiere 14


      Besides the the very slow reactions during a 4K edit in Premiere El 14, I was surprised by the very low quality of the transitions.

      So my 4k project is now "decorated" with low quality transitions.

      That's not why I started 4k editing!

      I fear Adobe has stepped in the same trap as in the beginning of 1080p editing. Editing cost you hours but the result is due to the transitions very poor.

      BTW my system is running on W10, with the latest i7 and 16gb ram.

      The program is on a SSD tha project on a HD.

      I would like to know if there are 4K editors somewhere with the same experience.

      For an example: 4K UHD Fotoserie Cruise IJsland 2015 - YouTube