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    Colour finesse bug




      I have been using SA Colour finesse in a comp to do some colour correction etc and it seems that once i use the full interface option and then press "OK",then try and open the colour finesse on another layer in full interface mode....it causes a full crash causing AE to freeze ?


      This has been very annoying to say the least,it makes grading using the program nigh on impossible!


      OSX 10.11


      iMac Late 2007


      5GB ram

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Two things:

          1) If you're running AE CC 2015, don't -- jump on the cloud and download AE CC 2014.  It actually works.


          2) Get yourself some more memory right away!  with just 5 gigs, you barely have enough to run AE and the operating system at the same time, to say nothing of actually DOING something in AE.

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            Bob Currier Level 3

            Make sure you're on the latest version of Color Finesse, 3.0.14. We fixed a bug that sounds like what you're running into.


            You can download the latest installer from our website. If on a Mac, be sure to download the "LE" version of the installer.


            If that doesn't fix it, let us know more details of your system, version of AE, etc.


            Bob Currier

            Synthetic Aperture