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    CC15 Glitch Viewport




      first of all i have an adobe ID with [email address removed by moderator] but i can't log in to the Forum... everytime i hit login the browser get's me error 404 (only for that primary account)... Where is the problem?

      So here is my After Effects problem - finally i've updated from CS6 to CC15 but im really dissapointed...


      First time opening the CC15 and i'm getting this glitchy viewport:




      all CS from CS5,5.5,6,14 are working perfectly only this CC15 making this glitchy things... How should i solve this problem?

      Im running on Windows 10, notebook Lenovo y50-70 but as i said all of my CS working perfectly just this new one have this bug...


      Thank you for your help..




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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't see your example video due to restrictions on the network where I work. (No Dropbox.) If I could see it, I might be able to offer a more useful suggestion. Even a screenshot still image dropped into the forum reply field might help.

          Did your machine come with Windows 10 or did you update to it? I know Windows 10 had some NVIDIA driver issues that made some things go weird at first.


          That guess aside, I want you to know that I understand your disappointment. A lot of people are disappointed with CC 2015. There are some massive changes under the hood in CC 2015 as Adobe has begun a drastic change to AE's core architecture. This is good news for the future, but the work isn't done yet so it's not terribly useful right now. CC 2015 is a partially done version with some of the new features in place, but not all of them! Think of it more like a beta version and it's a lot less frustrating.

          If CC 2014 works, use it for now.

          There is an update coming for CC 2015 that Adobe said is scheduled to drop "at the end of the month" (so, in a week or less). Try CC 2015 then and see if your issue is resolved (and, if not, let us know!) Make sure, when you update, that you don't let the Creative Cloud app remove your old versions as it defaults to do! keeping previous versions installed when installing CC 2015 applications | After Effects region of interest