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    Custom Scrolling Behaviours...

    Level 7
      Hi there folks,

      I wouldn't normally ask for assistance / pointers on existing code but I'm
      stuck... as in big time! It's been a while since I last touched Director and
      I'm feeling somewhat rusty.

      I'm in the need to adapt an existing piece of code [
      http://director-online.com/buildArticle.php?id=208 ] which is essentially
      allowing the user to scroll [vertically in my case] text and graphics, etc.,
      through the use of custom scroll bars.

      Everything works absolutely as it should; but now I need to also introduce
      the ability to achieve the same through the use of the cursor keys... And
      it's here that I'm stuck!?!

      Any pointers / advice would be very, very much appreciated!!

      Thanks in advance guys.

      Mark B ;-)