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    Custom color usage testing

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      A friend suggested this: What if users could upload vector images, and preview how those images would look sporting various selected color themes? In other words, you might upload a logo ... or a mockup of apparrel ... or a vector mockup of a website. Then you would link each of the five color wells in kuler to various objects in the graphic (using a paint bucket tool or something similar). Whenever you selected a new color theme, or play around with sliders or color matching methods, all of the linked colors in the graphic you uploaded would change to match. THIS WOULD BE SO COOL. It would take kuler from being "just another color picker" to being something very dynamic and useful to graphic artists in a way that hasn't been done before. Of course there would need to be some basic limitations on file size uploaded, number of objects in a vector image, etc. But since kuler is based on Flash, which is a vector app, and since Illustrator works with Flash so well, I don't think this would be so hard.
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          Arbitrary image support might be difficult.

          But what if Kuler had some built-in images or randomized shapes?
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            Arbitrary image support would be extra cool ... but a selection of sample images would be better than nothing. The trick would be coming up with a good set representative of typical CS users. My recommendations off hand would be to include a few mock page layouts, a couple apparel illustrations, a couple room interiors, a couple mock website layouts, and maybe a few abstracts that would illustrate the interplay between foreground/secondary/background colors. I suppose (crossing fingers) that step would pave the way for uploading arbitrary images someday....
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              Or here's another alternative: Have you seen any of those sites that let you draw vector shapes online? What if you could use a set of basic tools to draw rectangles, circles, polygons, assigning each of the five colors as you went along? It would allow some customization without all the technical issues of importing an uploaded image. I'm just brainstorming. This could be in addition to some prebuilt samples for the artistically challenged.
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                Or simply let us know the naming convention for the swatches.

                We can then upload swg or pdf objects with appropiate naming to act as the variables for the object's color schemes. Then drag a scheme onto the object or cycle through alternatives.

                Could be fun!