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    Can't make GetBaseTagData work! :(

      Simple thing:

      <cfset AncestorTags = GetBaseTagList()>
      <cfif ListFindNoCase(AncestorTags, "CF_SORTABLE_SERVER")>
      <cfset BaseTagData = GetBaseTagData("CF_SORTABLE_SERVER")>
      <cfdump var="#BaseTagData#">

      outputs "500 NULL" (i'm curious what does it mean) and cancel whole further output, although i just make cfdump, no any cfexit after this.

      The tags look something like:

      <cfset param1 = ...>
      <cfset paramN = ...>
      <cf_sortable_server.... param1 = "#param1#" paramN="#paramN#">
      <cfset param_1 = ...>
      <cfset param_N = ...>
      <cf_sortable_server.... param1 = "#param_1#" paramN="#param_N#"/>

      And - btw - how should I determine if current tag has child tags (i.e. outer cf_sortable_server contains nested cf_sortable_server)? Is there way to check this? Via using cfassociate only?

      P.S. As to getBaseTagData - it turned out, that first of the tags in the list was current tag itself! So logically everything must looke like <cfset AncestorTags = ListDeletAt(GetBaseTagList(), 1)>
      and later - <cfset BaseTagData = GetBaseTagData("CF_SORTABLE_SERVER", 2)> (not 1 - as default)