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    Legit Indesign to pdf bug? extra pixels added to image edge

    Hae Yuon Kim

      I have an 88-page catalog that I am producing for a client to be printed on a web press. The catalog contains 3000+ mostly small images of jewelry parts. On some (about 20%), but not all images, Indesign adds extra pixels to the right edge of the image when exporting to pdf. Although small, these little glitches do show on the high-res printer's proofs. I gave the printer my native Indesign files, but of course, they use pdf workflow on their end, so they recreated this problem, too.


      I have checked the various image files to discern whether it was an adjustment layer or something else. But, there is nothing that hints at why some images and not others have this problem. And just to be sure, I've flattened the adjustment layer and tested with same results.


      Earlier, I was on the phone with Adobe tech support. We tried various pdf settings and nothing worked to fix the issue. Interestingly, one thing that did work was to export a page as jpeg. Also, when printing straight from Indesign, the images print fine.


      I can't imagine I'm the only person who's had this issue. Anyone else been through this? Is there some magic combination of pdf standard and compatibility that might fix this? Adobe tech support has said they would get back to me with a solution and I've sent them a test file to work on.


      One thing I've tested: because the glitch is on the edge of the image, I tried making the image box larger than the image itself, but that didn't do anything.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm on a Mac using all latest 2015CC applications.