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    sync keywords among a selected set of images

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      Hey All,

      Am I nuts? I thought I had done this many times: to share the same keyword set across a lot of images (especially contiguous images) I select all of them and type a particular bunch of keywords in the entry box in the right pane of the Library module. Then all these images would share this keyword material as soon as I hit "Enter".


      Not happening that way...


      I used the Sync button a little lower (with all these similar images selected) and I can find the keyword entry box all the way down at the bottom. Entering the set of keywords there did NOT then, when exiting this metadata dialog box, show them in the LR pane... interesting. This must be IPTC data only.


      Lightroom 2015.1 CC

      Win7 64-bit OS


      Any thoughts appreciated...