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    Precomposed Layer's Effects Not Visible When Applying Mask.

    Aaron Chapman 123

      So here's the details:  I have a precomposed layer that I need to apply a mask to because I only want certain areas of the layer to be visible. Inside of this precompossed layer is some solids that I have changed the blending modes of to emulate a light effect. There is also another precomposed layer inside of this precomposed layer that consists of some more solids with masks. I have toggled collapse transformations to make the effects visible in another composition. Anyways, I need to add a mask to the final precomposed layer, but when I do the layer seems to lose its attributes and as result all of the blending modes are out of order. For example: normally when I apply a mask and change the mode to subtract, the area inside of the mask will not be shown. This is what I want, but instead what I'm getting around the mask is not the original composed layer's look. Instead the composed layer looks like all the blending modes turned off. I hope this makes sense .