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    Text boxes disappear, then when hit 'undo', they re-appear and lock to page?? HELP please!


      I've been using Adobe InDesign forever. Lately it's been VERY flakey (possibly due to the OS El Capitan)...

      Here's the latest problem. I'm working on a page with text boxes and photos placed. For some reason all the text boxes on the page are 'frozen' there. It's like they're locked but they really aren't. Running the cursor overtop of these elements acts like they aren't even there.

      If I right-click, then 'select' and 'first object above', the text box becomes clickable again. Then to get it "back to normal" I have to cut the text box, then paste and it's fine again.

      Does anyone have any idea what could cause this and how I fix it? It's quickly becoming a real pain in the... neck.

      I've been working on the same 40 page document for a week and this is the first trouble I'm having.