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    how to change format to Marathi


      I know editing but how to use Marathi Letters i.e Devnagiri font

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          I am grappling with a similar problem in handling Tamil fonts. But however, I can share little what I have learnt.


          First install all Marathi fonts in your system. It is preferable to have a latest Windows version such as Windows 7 or 10. Next embed all Marathi fonts in your pdf document. Search for how to embed fonts in pdf to learn more about it.


          There must be some specified formats such as true type fonts, open type fonts etc which are supported. I do not have any information on this. And if your font is not of a type which is required, there are some font convertor software available in the net to change it to the required format. Try to convert the format and get that format installed in your Windows/fonts folder.


          Even after trying all these nothing works, try to contact Adobe support. I cannot see anything like that as their Toll free number in India is a joke (It never recognizes your input) and there is no email ID or any other phone number for support.

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            sukritd15 Adobe Employee

            Hi ,


            Did you try the step mentioned about?

            Try to download the specified font type and then try to Embed them in Acrobat.To know how to embed fonts in PDF ,please go through the following link.

            Acrobat Help | PDF fonts



            Sukrit Dhingra