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    Adobe Licensing FAQ

    Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

      This FAQ describes the common issues in locating, navigating the website of commonly used licenses. It also has relevant documents for activation of products from Creative Suite 6 & earlier.

      Adobe has plethora of licenses based on usage, business & utility


      Adobe Volume Licensing


      • The purchase details of the volume-licensed product can be viewed only in www.licensing.adobe.com, these orders cannot be viewed in www.adobe.com account. (A retail order will be alphanumeric, the  online retail order have “AD” as prefix, the retail orders placed by sales agent has “C” as prefix), if the order number is all numeric then in all probabilities it is a volume license order number. We have discontinued few Volume licenses such as TLP, CLP and FLP. The VIP, ETLA, EA, EEA licenses, have replaced them. To check the type of license: https://helpx.adobe.com/buying-programs/faq.html


      • Most often Users are unable to log in to the www.licensing.adobe.com (LWS). The reasons are incorrect password; the Administrator in case of CLP licenses might have revoked the Adobe ID. For that


      1. Contact Program Administrator for CLP/FLP license (The Administrator can add or delete)
      2. In case of not able to access the www.licensing.adobe.com for other type of Volume licenses contact support : Contact Customer Care - Creative Cloud for teams




      Serial number & issues relevant to it


      • Earlier Adobe used to ship CD/DVD with the serial number in it, the purchase from reseller were mainly in the form of Redemption code. The serial that were shipped via CD/DVD cannot be traced if they had not been registered to the Adobe ID of the user.




      • Activation & Deactivation issues of Creative Suites (2 to 6)


      • For Creative Suite 2, Users find that at times when the computer is changed or reinstall Cs2, It cannot be installed successfully as It has been taken off from the server, one needs to use the download link & the serial provided in



      • For Creative Suite 3: This document contains product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips CS3 has no Chat or call support available. The operating systems have gone a major change since CS3 was launched, the compatibility factor cannot predicted.




      • For Creative Suite (4 to 6) CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3, and earlier


      Activation happens automatically as soon as the software detects an Internet connection, or the software prompts you to activate it during installation. To activate software manually, refer to: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activate-deactivate-products.html


      Users also get these errors:

      • "We are unable to activate [product name]. Product activation is required to use this product..."
      • "Please connect to the Internet and retry."
      • "Either your computer is offline or the clock on your computer is set incorrectly, causing a connection error. An Internet connection is required. Please connect to the Internet or adjust your clock and try again." The following Document can be useful.
      • https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

      When user enters, the serial number for Adobe point product or suite, user gets a red X or a message stating, “You have entered an invalid serial number”, refer to:


      Error :Invalid serial number


      • Most common error messages for Serial numbers ,When user tries to start a Creative Suite application, users receive one of the following errors


      • “This serial number is not valid for this product",
      • "Licensing for this product has expired"
      • "The serial number you used to activate this product has expired"
      • "Invalid serial number. The serial number appears to be invalid"
      • These errors can occur after the application has been running successfully for some time, or when started it for the first time.

      The suggested documents are:


      • Acrobat 9 activation in CS4 gives error: “Invalid serial number


      CS 6 & previous version could be activated by phone or offline.




      • The Phone activation is no longer available.

      Offline activation is still available, offline activation is used when the computer has very limited access to internet e.g. Army personals, Jail or prison. Etc.



      Activation of Macromedia products:

      • Macromedia Is an American web development software company of San Francisco California Flash Dreamweaver Adobe Systems, acquired Macromedia on December 3, 2005. Macromedia Studio was a suite of programs designed for web content creation designed and distributed by Macromedia. After Adobe's 2005 acquisition of Macromedia, Macromedia Studio 8 was replaced, modified, and integrated into two editions of the Adobe Creative Suite family of software from version 2.3 onward. The closest relatives of Macromedia Studio 8 are now called Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium.
      • Core applications from Macromedia Studio have been merged with Adobe Creative Suite since CS3, including Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. Some Macromedia applications were absorbed into existing Adobe products, e.g. Freehand has been replaced with Adobe Illustrator. Director and ColdFusion are not part of Adobe Creative Suite and will only be available as standalone products.
      • https://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/invrelations/adobeandmacromedia_faq.html#strategy


      • Adobe disabled the activation server for several Macromedia branded products:

      1. The serial numbers are provided in the following document.



      Request a product language or platform exchange


      • Request for such exchange is only valid for Creative Suite 6, any earlier version request will not be approved.





      • Downloads of previous version


      If the download is no longer available under user’s account then user can download the retail installation files at