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    Books linked to Topics

      I've been creating new topics while creating my TOC; linking new topics to newly created books. When I compile and generate Html help, everything looks great. Until i exit out of Robohelp and go back in. At that point, any book that was linked to a topic is now a page. The Adobe support staff says this happened because i didn't create pages for my books when i greated them initially, so any book that does not have a page, automatically becaomes a page. Does anybody know how to fix this retroactively? Essentially change a page into a book? As it stands, the way i see it, i have to more or less start over, which would be annoying since my TOC is pretty large....

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi SKIUNNYNJ and welcome to our community

          Hmmm, so why would you want a book that has no pages inside? Doesn't matter I suppose.

          If this will be a compiled .CHM output file, you can do the following. Sorry, but the bad news is taht it will involve hand editing each entry. The good news is that you will end up with what it appears you want.

          1. In the RoboHelp TOC Editor, right click the topic and click Properties off the context menu.
          2. Click the Advanced tab.
          3. Click the Image drop-down and choose the desired book image.
          4. Click OK to dismiss the dialog.
          5. Recompile the project and test.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick :)