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    My suggestions

    3ABNPublishing Level 1
      1. The sliders are difficult to work with. They don't always select (or activate) on the first click. Also it could be more clear where each slider ends and the next one begins. The LAB slider is impossible to work with; it does all kinds of crazy things and jumps all over when I try to adjust it. MOST IMPORTANT: If the sliders displayed dynamic ramps (like all the CS apps use, including Photoshop) instead of static ones, it would be much better.

      2. If the "Popular" and "Highest Rated" were limited to 100 or 200 entries (and obviously the highest scoring 100 or 200), it would make for a much better user experience in my opinion. At 800+, they are getting difficult to explore and losing meaningfulness as well.

      3. If the tags were clickable (so you could see other palettes using that tag), that would be really cool.

      4. I can't see any way to designate a new base color. It would be nice if you could pick one of the five and make it the new base. Also a way to lock a particular color would be helpful.

      Keep up the good work!
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, thanks for your comments and the kudos.

          1. Yes, the color panel (values and sliders) should improve soon; we are working on that.
          2. Interesting perspective about the large database losing meaning, I'd like to know more. How would limiting the set be any different than not navigating any further than 100/200, from a user experience? Do the themes feel more curated when they are a subset of the whole?
          3. Good point about clickable tags.
          4. To change base color, double click on the swatch. Another member also mentioned locking a color. If the application were more predictable for you, would you still want the ability to lock or would it be moot? And are you wanting to lock the base color or any color in the palette?
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            3ABNPublishing Level 1
            More on my point 2: Limiting would be different than just viewing a subset because you would be looking at the absolute top rated/most popular 100/200. In the current situation, the very top most voted and most downloaded color scheme could be anywhere in the whole 800+. You might never see it. In the method I proposed, you would never have to browse more than 100/200 palettes to see the best of the best. Of course, this might require a more sophisticated voting system (weighted by what was voted, number of votes received, possibly how recently voted for, etc.), in order to prevent too many ties. Colors that made the grade but have not been voted for recently could be demoted. That would keep everything fresh, and meshes well with the fact that color preferences change over time.

            More on my point 4: As long as the non-base colors change dynamically, the ability to lock one of them is useful. Sometimes you see a perfect match between two colors when you are experimenting, but further direct manipulation of other colors causes you to lose the combination you really liked. If you could lock it in place, this would not happen.