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    Resizing flash in safari

    I tried Level 1

      I deal with a lot of dynamic data at my company, so we generally fill up the flash and then resize the rest of the movieclip to what we need using javascript. I use swfobject to embed my flash files. Anyhow, this was never a problem until I started supporting safari, and there's very little on the web regarding it. I've found this little tidbit of information regarding safari http://www.beyondstandards.com/archives/dynamically-resizing-flash-objects-with-js/ - but haven't gotten much farther. The author states that you need to resize both the object that contains the embed and the actual embed object as well. However, I'm having a tough time finding that information using the swfobject to embed the swf. Does anyone know the safari DOM well enough or had experience resizing flash objects in safari? Any help at all would be appreciated.