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    is a link really public?


      I'm reviewing the functionality of Lightroom after being informed Revel is going away. When sharing a link to photo collection, Lightroom gives a warning anyone with the link can see the photos - is this really true? Revel allows conto over who can see which collections which is why I chose that software for my family, along with the ease of use for non-technical family members.


      The thought of not being able to keep our photos private will be making us move elsewhere. Privacy may not be a big deal to Adobe and Gen-Xers but there are still some folks who want to control access to their information.

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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee



          Yes anyone to whom you will give that link will be able to view the images in the collection.



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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's a specially generated link for each collection. You can change between private and sharing at any time. You also have the option to allow downloads or prevent downloads - see image below.



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              moxlin500 Level 1

              What I'm not seeing is the capability that Revel has to manage actual people who have access to your account without having to send a link - you can then move between libraries and albums without needing the link, or you send a link to obe album to someone who can then only see that album but nothing else.


              I'm also not seeing a way of commenting back and forth, just stars/flags or am I not seeing that functionality either?


              So far this is a bad option for what my famity use Revel for and we'll be looking for something else. Very sad as we liked Revel. Bad move, adobe.