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    drag and drop library not workingf

    vanselman Level 1

      I've placed a number of graphics (.ai .ps .eps .pdf etc) in a CC library. When Im in InDesgn I can see the items in the library but when I try to drag and drop them on an open page I get a message saying 'Either the files does not exist or the file may be in use by another application'.


      I have re-started the computer and have only Indesign open so the files are not in use.  The library as icons next to the various items. i can double click and use items that were placed from InDesign but files placed from photoshop or Illustrator will not drag and drop or double click for use in InDesign.


      Does this mean I can only use InDesign created library items in InDesign and only photoshop items in Photoshop etc.?



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          Евгений Гонжа Level 1

          I have the same problem

          I have several times appealed to the technical support, but they could not help

          I solved the problem this way:

          1 - run InDesign

          2 - open a new document

          3 - drag and drop objects from the library CC

          4 - I read the error message: - ((((

          5 - I swear :-)

          6 - close InDesign

          7 - repeat p.1-3

          7a - if this does not work, then I open Illustrator and drag and drop object from the library into Illustrator. And then I repeat p.1-3