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    LIghtroom CC/6.3 catalog restore function

    agubariu Level 1

      Hi! My PC crashed due to a driver failure when I was working in Lightroom 6.3. When I tried to open the catalog file the application said it was corrupt, so I deleted the .lock file, but it did not help. Older catalog files were also found corrupt. I reinstalled Lightroom 6.0 and after the checking the integrity of the catalog file it worked fine, except that all the sliders (white balance, blacks, whites, highlights, etc) for the processed images appear to be at 0. I mention the the Images are in DNG format So ma questions are:

      1. Is a catalog file oped with Lightroom 6.3 fully backwards compatible with Lightroom 6.0, or just some settings.

      2. Why does Lightroom 6.3 not offer the option to check the integrity of a catalog file if it is corrupt instead of suggesting to open another catalog.

      3. Why are the sliders and lens correction settings from the developed pictures displayed back 0 even the developing changes are visible in the previews of the library module.