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    SeriesInterpolate - showDataEffect - Line Chart

      This is a flex2->flex3 migration issue.
      I'm using the SeriesInterpolate as an effect when Line Chart is
      updated with new data.
      In flex 2 these are the parameters I gave:
      protected var _interpolateEff:SeriesInterpolate = new SeriesInterpolate();
      _interpolateEff.duration = 1000;
      _interpolateEff.minimumElementDuration = 200;
      _interpolateEff.elementOffset = 10;
      _interpolateEff.hideFocusRing = true;

      This was enough to apply to the entire chart.
      In flex 3 - it seems that while the lines in the chart apply the effect and smoothly change their position - the dots ( at the end of each line in the chart) are not affected by this and only take their new position
      after the effect is done.
      Is there a fix to it ? is thee a property or a mothoed which I can
      specify that the dots also should apply the effect ?