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    a vote of thanks

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      Not a question this time, a thank you.


      I would like to thank many here who have taken time out  to assist with my many questions, some albeit vague (my apologies again for that.

      But redesign you in particular, there was another who sent me files and advice re embedding fonts into an object, you know who you are, you to.


      Thanks seriously thanks i know you don't get paid and your all volunteers but it i am very grateful.


      Once again many thanks



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Sorry for getting irritated somewhat  . I love helping people  and answering questions here. I also get lots of PM requests besides the forum. I always keep an eye on the forum. Sometimes though it is hard to understand what someone is doing. Sometimes it is easier to correct files. Sometimes it is a quick answer I can take a minute to answer. Sometimes it takes more time to read and debug the code provided.  Sometime the question involves more testing. It is all fun, though.


          Anyway, good luck on your project.


          There are other regulars on this forum though some of them have disappeared lately.

          Joel from France

          Darrell from Canada

          Rob Boermann from Holland


          some who were very active but contributed a lot are:



          Elaine Finnell (from Adobe)


          and more


          Sorry for the ones I forgot!


          Various people also answer some questions from time to time.

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            alastairl59035287 Level 1

            Thanks redesign,


            Indeed, i have certainly not intended to leave people out. I did feel i was perhaps taking what is a valid service provided by volunteers here for granted (esp redesign) and that was certainly never the intention.

            I apologise if i have left any names off, not intentional i have not been on these forums for long so thats my excluse (the one i am using anyway! That said i see joel's name mentioned. I believe you have assisted me as well so thanks to you too. And thanks in advance i am sure on behalf of everyone else who asks questions to those kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to assist.


            Many thanks again

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP