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    Change default zoom level?


      I'm using Camera Raw 8.3. Landscape images open at a default zoom level of 33.3% with CR maximized to full screen. I prefer to work with the 25% zoom level, so I have to change the zoom level on EVERY photo I process and it's one step I'd like to eliminate.  MY QUESTION:  Is there a way to change the default zoom level to 25% so the zoom level is at 25% automatically when I open an image in Camera Raw?  Please tell me there is....   THANK YOU.

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          There is not a way to change the default zoom level in Camera Raw.  All images open by default in Fit View, and that actual zoom level will depend on the size of the window and the size of the images.


          However, if you are working on a group of images, you can quickly set all of them to your preferred zoom level (25%).  Here's how:  Open all of the images in Camera Raw.  The images will be shown on the left side in the filmstrip.  Select all of them (Cmd-A / Ctrl-A).  Then choose 25% from the zoom popup menu (bottom-left of the ACR dialog).  This will set the zoom level to 25% for all of the selected images.