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    Flash Player 18 v 19


      I'm running an old version of Presenter (v8) and one of our clients has come across an issue. Courses we've developed for them using Presenter 8 were running just fine (via their intranet) until recently. Now they won't launch (just get stuck on the preloader spinning arrow thing. It appears that the issue is related to Flash Player 18 v 19. The error is occurring with 19, so they uninstalled it, installed 18 and everything ran just fine (without touching anything else). They reinstalled 19 and the problem returned. Unfortunately, asking all of the users to install an older version of Flash Player isn't an option. Just wondering if there is any way around this? Or is my software just too old? Has anyone had issues with Presenter 11 and Flash Player 19? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee



          Sorry to hear that you are facing this issue.

          Request you to please provide the following details:

          Presenter Version-

          OS used-

          Microsoft Powerpoint version being used along with architecture(32-bit or 64-bit)-


          It would be great if you could share  the published output folder with me (email id- zhussain@adobe.com). You can use drop box for sharing.

          You can find the published output folder under My Adobe Presentations folder.

          Also for your information, Presenter 11 is compatible with both Flash Player 18 and 19, but so is Presenter 8 as well.

          Kindly let me know if you need any further help.



          Zeeshan Hussain

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team