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    Quadro GPU Performance of GTX?

    Nano Kan_Pro Level 1

      Hello, I want to know the real differences when it comes to processing a Full HD video or 4K with a GPU GTX or a Quadro.


      Tkaing into account the number of CUDA cores a GTX would yield better than a Quadro.


      But not everything is CUDA and operate; It is also important to bandwidth and memory from the same interface. A higher bandwidth and fast memory interface, make the CPU do not saturate... For example, the GTX950 has 768 CUDAS, 128 bits of bandwidth and 105.5gb/s, well... but look at the ancient GTX 580 (not wrapper): 512 CUDAS (Yes, less), but with a bandwidth of 192bits and 192 GB/s. interface... their CUDAS performs more despite being of an inferior version; but let's go to the GTX780 (as I do not the Ti)... 2.304 cudas, 384 bit - 288.4 GB/s... This batters to the GTX960 which has 1024cudas / 128 bit / 112GB/s... only will approach it a little the GTX970, and the GTX980Ti is approaching, but not even. Only the TITAN outweigh the GTX780.




      Here projects into Premiere render times: