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    How to view JPEGs only in a catalog of NEFs and JPEGs?

    DKhab Level 1

      Hey All,


      I know that I have a very specific case, but I'm hoping that I can achieve what I need.


      I manage a large database of photographs for a University. We work with freelancers and in-house photographers. Over the years, the University has had different systems in terms of how to approach photography and I'm trying to keep to a standard for archiving purposes.

      We use Lightroom primarily for photo management, not editing or import. I use Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw for that. Because of that workflow we have a sophisticated file system organized by dates.

      As a sample, a file tree can look like this: C:/Photo/2015/201511_November/20151120_Event_Name/HR_JPEG/, with that final folder containing High-Res Jpegs for our clients across the university. In the parent folder of HR_JPEG, we store the RAW files.


      Is there any way to import a multi-folder catalog like this and then only view JPEGs (whether through a filter or some other method)? Our JPEGs are the photos that get chosen as "approved" and it would tremendously speed up my workflow if, when searching for specific photos, I would only need to sift through JPEGs and not duplicates/rejected photos.