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    I tried to upgrade Lightroom 5.7 to 6 and now both versions have crashed. They are just bouncing in my toolbar?


      Hi everyone, this morning I was in my Lightroom 5.7 and looked for upgrades, it said there was not any but my Adobe Toolbar was flashing up in the right hand corner of my screen ( I have a Mac) so I clicked on it, and it said upgrade to Lightroom CC. so I clicked on that. It said 30 day trial. Now, I have never had to pay for upgrades before. I have Adobe Creative Cloud, ( they keep telling me I don't have Lightroom under them..only Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro) I thought..ok I bought Lightroom as a disc, and set it up that way, downloading it to my computer, and registering it through the site. They told me they saw the versions of Lightroom 4 and 5 registered...but they have no support for those anymore. Whatever that meant , I was on hold for over an hour and the other 2 hours was just repeating myself until I got here. Which is still without use of Lightroom.

      So I downloaded the free trial of Lightroom CC..went through the steps. Now I have 2 versions of Lightroom on my computer and neither of them will open. They open up from my Launchpad into my Toolbar and just bounce there.

      I have tried signing in and out of my Adobe account several times with no luck. I am on deadlines for clients. I'm in the middle of trying to print..this has now eaten up my whole day! I really hope someone can help me, because no one at Adobe seems to be able to.

      Thanks! Shannon