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    Flash Player update caused Windows 7 to revert to error message Build 7601 AGAIN!


      During what was thought to be a routine update of Flash Player (after the umpteenth time of screen pop up reminder) the windows 7 desktop changed from the familiar blue to all black with the message in the lower right hand corner, "Windows 7, Build 7601, This copy of Windows is not genuine."


      After 12 hours on the phone (truly! over three days with four different "level" of employees... from The Philippines to Redmond) this laptop was given a new Microsoft Windows 7 serial number.


      Three weeks ago the same thing happened only this time it seemed to be an automatic sequence without keyboard input of any kind.


      Now, the same error message appears and NOTHING will update, including Flash Player, as the updates sense the "phony" copy of Windows 7.


      What are you folks at Adobe doing?