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    InDesign Page Resizing Help

    Chris Z. Level 1


      I am working on a book (facing pages) that is currently 6-1/8" x 9-1/4". I need to trim 1/8" from the bottom without anything on the pages moving. This has been something I've tried to do by various different means for years. I usually just leave it for my compositor to handle. This time I really want to figure this out.


      Imagine just taking a knife to the bottom of a book page and trimming a bit off. That's exactly what I want.


      Does anyone have any advice? Can I do this in one simple set of steps? Will I also have to bring down the bottom page margin by the same amount?


      Any advice would be great.




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          Aditi_Saraswat Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris,


          If you have master page applied to document pages, then you can trim the applied master page from bottom and the change in page size will be reflected across all pages. you will need to do this for all master pages.

          To do so open the master page and click on Page Tool present below Direct Selection tool in Tool Bar or press Shift+P. Now, enter the exact height, that you want the pages to be, in the text box beside 'H at the left Control bar and press enter or return.

          You can also drag the marker at the bottom-centre of master page while pressing ALT or Option key and release it when required height is reached(height and width are displayed while dragging the marker.




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            philippanmei Level 4

            Goto the master page (press F12) and select the both pages. After that press ctrl+alt+p to bring up a dialog box called document setup and try to put your satisfaction page size and manage the margin layout, for that go to Layout option in the menu bar. Thanks