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    Modify datasource not redrawing MenuBar

      I have a MenuBar which is bound to an Array datasource.
      If I update that datasource - eg. enable/diable a menu item, or change the toggled status of a radio item, then the change is immediately picked up by the MenuBar.

      ie. An enabled item is selectable, a disabled item is not.
      Similarly, I can detect that the toggled status of the radio items has changed as expoected.

      However, the MenuBar does not redraw. The previously disabled, and now enabled item is still shown as greyed out.
      The radio indicator does not change to indicate the now selected item.

      In the menu with the radio group I aslo have a checkbox item. If I click on this, then the radio group is then redrawn as I would have expected after changing the dataprovider.

      validateNow() seemeed like a likely candidate to resolve the issue, but that doesn't work.

      I've tried:
      as well as

      If anyone can suggest how to make this menu bar update I'd be grateful...