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    Premier Elements 14

    timmyleeturner Level 1

      I did not see a forum for Adobe Premier Elements 14. Where do I get help.  This program crashes and will not even open it's own saved projects.

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Moving to Premiere Elements



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            timmyleeturner Level 1

            I've had a lot of problems using Version 14 the way I breezed through with Version 10.  I resolved my issue by going back and using Version 10. Too late to get a refund


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              timmyleeturner Level 1

              My apologies, I mean version 12 I went back to. I do have version 10 also, but on another machine and I have no problems with it either.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Your thread is now in the Premiere Elements Forum which covers all things Premiere Elements.


                From what you wrote, you had problems with Premiere Elements 14, and have gone back and successfully used 12/12.1 and 10 and different computers.

                What do you want to do - troubleshoot Premiere Elements 14 or not? The answers should be in the details, so please supply details to help us help you. Please start with what problems you had with Premiere Elements 14. Did you ever get it installed?


                For now I am assuming that your computers are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit.


                1. What computer operating system is involved? Which one for 14, which one for 12/12.1, which one for 10? How did the description of the computer differ in each case?

                2. Does the problem exist with and without the antivirus and firewalls disabled?

                3. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime 7 installed on your computer along with Premiere Elements 14? And, are you running the programs as administrator (from a user account with administrative privileges)?

                4. Assuming you got 14 installed, did you install it to the default Local Disc C?

                5. Assuming you got 14 installed, have you gone to Local Disk C\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 14\ and, in the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Folder, found specifically  Adobe Premiere Elements.exe file, right clicked it and selected and applied Run As Administrator.....then double clicked that file to try to open 14 to its workspaces?


                If you want to troubleshoot Premiere Elements 14, the above needs details.


                Please let us know if you want to proceed. If any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


                Thank you.



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                  timmyleeturner Level 1

                  I'm using Windows 8.1 Premier Elements 14 on a 64 bit computer.  I noticed that the program files are NOT located in the 64 bit windows directory.  So, I uninstalled it, re downloaded and attempted to install the 64 bit version, but it does not want to install in the 64 bit directory.  Photoshop Elements 10 program files are installed there.  Elements 10 and Elements 12 Organizer folders are there, but not the program files. Adobe Premier Elements 12 is installed under the normal (I guess) 32 bit directory.  Which, is where 64 bit version 14 is attempting to install. I'm not sure if it's important where these programs install, but it seems strange.


                  The only anti virus I have is windows defender and to my knowledge, no firewalls.  I run Malwarebytes Pro. Latest QT installed. Version 12 works fine on this machine, and it opens with Administrator privilege.

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                    timmyleeturner Level 1

                    I completely uninstalled PE 14, reinstalled, but still didn't install to the Windows Program Files (X86), which I always thought were the 64 bit programs, I guess not.  Either way, apparently that just wasted an hour.  Amazingly slow to uninstall and install. But it does open with Administrative authority, I believe it did before. Seems odd that the organizer files and PE 10 would install in different directories than PE 14.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the replies.


                      Windows 8.1 64 bit


                      64 bit application installs its files to Program Files.

                      32 bit application installs its files to Program Files (x86)


                      Adobe System Requirements determine whether or not Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements or Elements Organizer will be installed as a 64 bit application.

                      Windows-wise, Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12/12.1, 13/13.1, and 14 each is a 64 bit application only when it is installed specifically on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit computer.

                      Versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 10 are 32 bit applications even when run on a 64 bit computer.


                      Photoshop Elements was not available as a 64 bit application (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) until its version 13/13.1. So, versions earlier than Photoshop Elements 13/13.1 will be 32 bit applications.


                      Elements Organizer did not become a 64 bit application until version 13/13.1 even when run on a 64 bit computer.


                      Please let the programs install to the default location during product installation to avoid problems.


                      Now to Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 8.1 64 bit where the Photoshop Elements 14, Elements Organizer 14, and Premiere Elements 14 installed folders and files should be in the Program Files (not Program Files (x86) ) path.

                      a. Given all of the above, have you gone through all the questions in post 4 and definitely ruled out any of the factors involved?

                      b. Are you confirming that the Premiere Elements install went to the Local Disk C default location?


                      Let us start here to be sure we are together on the details. Then we can decide what next.


                      Thank you.



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                        timmyleeturner Level 1

                        Yes, to all, except the anti virus, which is Windows Defender.  I'll have to shut it down for my next project and see if I have the same problems with losing my projects because of lock up or the inability to export. I hope to be able to start that in a day or so.  Unless uninstalling and reinstalling the programs fixed the problems for some reason.