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    How do I get multiple Edge Animate OAM files to work in the same html page?


      I've seen a lot of people ask this question, but nearly all of the answers either don't work with the current version of Edge Animate or are hard to follow. Some of them were unanswered. I find it crazy that in the latest version of Edge there isn't some way to get two OAM files to both work on one html page with a simple click! Any time two or more OAMs are added, I get empty spaces where my OAM files should be, and that makes sense based on the way the code conflicts.


      I once found a good work-around posted by a Staff member on the Dreamweaver forum, but it only worked with edge.5.0.0.min.js, not the latest. Does anyone have a good work-around that works with the most recent version of Edge? I absolutely love Edge, it makes my job faster, but it's weird that no one thought there might a chance someone would want to use two OAMs eventually?


      Anyway, how do I get multiple OAM files to work in the same html page? I'm a decent (but obviously not amazing) hand-coder so I don't mind digging into the script, so long as what I do works!


      Thanks so very much for your time!