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    Why is eyedropper tool not copying text format?


      Hi guys,


      I'm new here and just started using InDesign CC.

      I know that with the eyedropper tool you can pick up a color and copy it elsewhere but I've read it should also pick up format attributes (character, font size, colour, etc) and apply it to other text. However, it looks like that's not an option in my mac. Whenever I try to copy text attributes it only picks up the text color (usually black) and not the format.

      Also when I double click on the eyedropper symbol I don't get the Eyedropper Options menu where you can choose stroke, fill, character, paragraph & object settings but just the Color Theme Options menu where I can only tick 'ignore opacity and other applied effects while picking colours'.

      Do you guys know why my eyedropper can't pick up text attributes?

      Many thanks.