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    Brush Tool Glitching?

    AnScathMarcach Level 1

      I don't know what went down within the months I hadn't been using Flash, but now my brush tool is having problems. It doesn't matter if I'm using my mouse or my tablet, nothing changes. It's probably a setting I'm missing, but I've looked all over and couldn't even find an answer through Google.


      First of all, when I open my brush tool, all of the properties are greyed out. The only thing I can change is the brush shape and the fill color (which doesn't actually do anything):


      Then when I try to draw with my mouse or my tablet pen, nothing appears on the screen, but my timeline shows something is there:


      Then when I click on the selected layer, or anywhere on the timeline within that layer, the line I drew magically appears:


      But then when I try to draw on the screen again, or select any other layer, everything disappears again:


      What is happening!?