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    Tree Component

    SunLight Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to use the Tree Component and assign XML to it.


      According to Adobe Help:


      The Tree component can be used to represent hierarchical data such as e-mail client folders, file browser panes, or category browsing systems for inventory. Most often, the data for a tree is retrieved from a server in the form of XML, but it can also be well-formed XML that is created while authoring in Director. The best way to create XML for the tree is to create a Lingo object by using the XML Parser Xtra or an XML object using the Flash Asset Xtra. After you create a Lingo object that contains an XML data source (or load one from an external source), assign it to



      Alert.cancelLabel? really?


      So I try this:


      on Preparemovie

        global gParserObject

        gParserObject = new(xtra "xmlparser")


        member("Tree").Alert.cancelLabel = gParserObject



      I get "Script error: String expected"


      I just want to get the tree to display the hierarchy at this point.

      Documentation or example code on the web is extremely thin, please help.



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Wow. The Director documentation is complete gobbledegook.


          Find the Flash docs for the 'Tree component' and read those instead. It seems you need to be setting Tree.dataProvider to a valid XML object, but I can't get it working in the Director authoring environment