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    Tethered capture "No Camera Detected" with Nikon D7200 & Lightroom 2015.3

    Melissa Gridley

      Two weeks ago I was able to shoot tethered with my Nikon D7200 on Lightroom 2015 running Camera Raw 9.0. This week? "No Camera Detected" even after I updated to the latest Lightroom update (2015.3 with Camera Raw 9.2). I was lucky to have my D300 available for the shoot, but I can't afford to lose any more studio time to this issue.



      Computer: MacBook Pro

      Operating system: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1021)

      Version of Lightroom: 2015.3 release Camera Raw 9.2

      Camera make and model: Nikon D7200

      Camera firmware version: L0.01 (latest a/o 11/18/15)

      Image & catalog location on hard disk: /Users/MDG-MacBookPro/Documents/04_MGMediaDesign/_clients/_OTL-OttLite/_raw photography

      Space available on hard disk: 103GB



      I've tried every step in this article including...

      Checking to make sure the D7200 is supported

      Updating Lightroom

      Switching USB cables & ports

      Changing directory locations

      Starting a new catalog

      Removing memory cards

      Reseting Lightroom preferences

      Restarting Lightroom & laptop multiple times