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    work with LR on 2 computers

    Don 46

      I'm using Creative Cloud Photography and I just acquired a second computer (laptop with external drive).  I want to be able to view and work with all photos on both computers. I'll be traveling with the laptop and doing preliminary processing while travelling.  How do I sync the libraries on the two computers?  Thanks

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom is designed as a single-user, single-computer system. Sharing the catalog between computers requires some jumping through hoops.


          The easiest method (not the prettiest) is to put the photos and catalog on an external drive then move the drive from computer to computer as needed.


          Optionally you can use the "export as catalog" and "import from catalog" commands to move the edits from one computer to another.


          Copying the catalog from one computer to another via your local network can work OK. Syncing the pictures can be a long process.


          Some folks find that file sharing services like DropBox and OneDrive work OK for them; some others find it does not work as well as hoped. Some of these services do not work well with files that get randomly updated like database files do. However, copying the catalog to and from the sync folder while never using the catalog in the sync folder would work OK.


          My recommendation would be the external drive, followed by manual copies across a local network.

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            Don 46 Level 1

            Thanks for that info.  I understand LR intended for single user.  Had to sign off on one computer to use it on another.  But still, single user ought to be able to easily access all on whatever computer currently being used.  The creativity in the Creative Cloud is being impeded