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    How to Scale a Drawn Movieclip

      Hi Genius,

      I am dragging a movieclip while dragging i want to drag another movieclip too which has been on the stage which is the box.
      While dragging the drawn shape should be scaled in width and height(resizing) how ??

      The drawn shape is as movieclip which is

      The dragging of a small box is like
      this.startDrag(false, 80, 130, 800, 720);

      Can Anyone Help me...

      Thanks in Advance..


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can only drag one movieclip at a time (unless you're dragging a parent movieclip that has child clips which will be dragged with the parent).

          you can drag one movieclip and emulate the dragging of any number of other clips by initiating a loop and adjusting their _x and _y properties to follow the mouse's movement.

          you can adjust the scale of movieclips by controlling their _xscale and _yscale properties (unless you need more control and then you can adjust the parameters of the movieclips' transform matrix).