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    November 2015 Lightroom CC update: import format is back to normal, but after first import, now it doesn't show any images on my card


      I *hated* the new import dialog so actually have several cards which have just been collecting images over the past few months.  I was so happy to hear that Adobe had put the old Import back with this release.  I updated LR, popped in one of my cards, was thrilled to see the old format which shows me the destination directories and allows me to collapse them down and deselect.  So I collapse all and select one date, choose the metadata presets (location) and add the keywords for that event and import.  Beautiful so far... now, on to the next days.  Or so I thought.


      I click import the 2nd time, the card reader blinks for a bit, then stops - no images showing to import.  Hm.


      - I doublecheck the "export card" setting - it's not checked.  But I reseat the card anyway.  Nothing.

      - I check in Windows explorer - yep, plenty of NEFs there to import.

      - Okay, maybe it thinks it imported them, so I uncheck the "don't import suspected dupes" (which used to just grey them out anyway) - nothing.

      - I exit and restart Lightroom.  Nothing.

      - I plug the card reader into a different USB port.  Nothing.


      WTF Adobe?  I've never seen this one before.  I'll reboot the whole PC next, but figured I'd ask if others are seeing this too...