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    Style "Profiles"

    Jack Level 1

      Have been away from inDesign for a while.


      My project is taking on two personalities or profiles (or, if you will, states?), one for development and one for publication. Each has its unique style settings. Wondering if the family of settings can be saved under different states or profiles. Any ideas appreciated, as always.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might consider the Alternate Layout feature. You can create two different versions of a document. Each version can have different size and layout. Both exist in same document. When you create the Alternate Layout, you have the option of copying text styles into a new Style Group.


          Here are a couple tutorials to get you started:




          InDesign: Liquid Layout & Alternate Layouts - YouTube


          InDesign Help | Liquid Layouts and Alternate Layouts | CC, CS6

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            Jack Level 1

            Thanks. Just had a look at alternate layouts and can see their utility, but wondered if I could just create two style groups within my existing layout, since that is all that I think I need.




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              Jack Level 1

              Should have read more, before replying!. Those links that you included are very helpful. This will definitely work for me.

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                Jack Level 1

                This becomes more interesting as I think about it further. But first: can I have any number of alternate layouts, descended from a single parent? I’m thinking, eBook, eBook for more than one device, although that may  a poor example if alternate eBooks are handled within the eBook format? However, I haven’t quite got that far. Next thing on my plate is a second hardcopy format. That will be followed by eBooks. So I’m hoping that the single-parent-to-multiple-child relationship described above will be viable.


                It gets even more interesting: I’m thinking that in my case the additional children will have to come from Child 1, rather than from the parent. But I’m gathering that should be possible — based on experience creating the first alternate layout, one simply picks one’s “children" to come from any “parent” in the alternate-layout library, if I have this right?




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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  You need to consider what you mean by "eBook".

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                    Jack Level 1

                    Finding alternate profiles a mixed blessing. I see the utility but there are some issues. Primary one is unexpected shift in focus while editing one layout. I can be working away in the parent layout, and suddenly seeing signs that focus has shifted without any warning or conscious choice on my part. That means undoing a ton of work, restarting, etc.


                    Wondering if there have been reports of this, and how one can avoid it. One obvious way is to kill all alternate layouts until they are really needed, the parent is stable, etc. But, realistically, that day may be a ways off into the future. True, I can delay creating the alternate(s), of which there will eventually be several, but would prefer to find a workflow that will allow me to work in both versions as needed.


                    Any ideas appreciated.