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    Video going out of sync from audio - Adobe Premiere Elements 14


      Hello. Let me explain what I experienced. I'm editing an unboxing video, so I have to insert two camera POVs. When I inserted my Logitech C920 Webcam footage, I noticed the video was sped up. I slowed it down and matched it up with the audio. Then, I inserted my iPhone 6 footage. While watching, I noticed at one point the iPhone 6 footage began to not match with the audio, while the webcam footage went back to normal (I have to speed it up where it did that).


      I can fix the Webcam footage, but I have no idea what went wrong with the iPhone 6 footage. I even watched the raw video in my iPhone 6 gallery, and the voice was synced with the footage properly; therefore Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is doing something that's causing this problem. Please help; I'm trying to get this video out before Thanksgiving.


      ~ eZflaffer