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    accessing loader's content using XML

    Sixfoot James

      I've loaded an image into a loader from an XML file. Now I need to access that image to change it's X position. How do I go about doing this?

      I have used the debug to list all my objects, but my image is going to change whenever it loads a new one, so I can't use the image name...

      The array which holds my images is called propertyImage and I would have thought I could do this:


      but that didn't work

      I've also tried this but it didn't work either:


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          Devendran Level 1
          LoadMovie, LoadVars, Load, Functions are independent functions. We can't expect the Result immediately. It will take its own time to load(According to the file size and System config). So u have to use Any listener to Listen the Loading process. Better to move with LoadClip class. See the help on flash help files.