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    Why are graphics intermittently displaying in browser from Edge Animate files?


      Hello, I have an Edge Animate project that runs and displays fine in Edge but once published, some of the svg graphics will only intermittently display in a browser. For example, it will display okay in Chrome one moment but then a few minutes later when I pull up the exact same file (same version) in the same browser (same version) some svg graphics disappear. See the example below. In this case the hill of snow and the body and hat of the penguin don't display.


      I would like to add that in Firefox it plays perfectly, in Chrome graphics display intermittently, and in Safari no animation displays at all--only the background image. On my iphone graphics display intermittently with no sound and on an Android, the animation is slow at first but plays with no sound.

      Here is a link to the file online:


      Here is a screenshot of the problem below:


      The editable Edge Animate project files are zipped and attached here as well: http://vervilleinteractive.com/ecards/su_holiday_2015/holiday_jones_final_v2.zip


      Thank you very much for any advice or suggestions that you might have!

      - Joy