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    Clone Tool And Healing Brush not appearing properly


      In Lightroom CC purchased and downloaded yesterday in a process that required a nearly 5 hour long call to Adobe support. Downloaded and installed on two Macs. One using operating system 10.10.5. The other is using operating system 10.10.3.


      On the 10.10.5- a newer but not current operating system:

      In Develop Module when I go to use healing or clone in the Adjustment Brush I get the "circle" and I can feather it and use opacity, but my cursor appears on or in the circle depending on the size of the brush and I cannot see exactly the place where I am trying to put the middle of the circle to remove a blemish because my cursor is in the way.


      All works as it is supposed to with operating system 10.10.3- the older operating system.


      Anyone know a 10.10.5 fix for my desktop IMac?

      Thank you!

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          bhousto90 Level 4

          Could you please better describe what you mean by "cursor" or provide a screen capture that shows it?

          The Spot healing brush should show as two circles with 4 small tick marks at 90deg intervals and a plus sign in center.


          Otherwise, it sounds like you are describing that you may be using the adjustment brush rather than the spot healing brush?

          This does not have tick marks on circle and has adjustment pin in the center that gets dropped on photo when you click to start the edit.

          Or you may have some sort of accessibility feature turned on in your OS that changes the cursor/size.


          You could also try resetting the preferences by holding the  shift + option while launching Lightroom.

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            nocanremember Level 1

            Thank you bhoust090.


            I had to re-install LR CC. That seemed to solve most issues. But just a few minutes ago I realized that after I select the "paint can" and move it over an image, the paint can disappears and I just see the arrow that is my cursor.

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              I'm seeing something that might be similar.   Lightroom 6.3, OS X 10.11.1.


              This is not repeatable on demand but has happened to me 3 or 4 times since installing 6.3.


              In the develop module. Select the adjustment brush.   The adjustment panel drops down as expected but the cursor does NOT turn into the adjustment cursor (circle with +).  Instead the cursor is the zoom cursor and if I click the image zooms, turning the cursor into the hand cursor.   The only way to get the appropriate adjustment cursor is to quit Lightroom and re-start.


              Or, select the Radial Filter.  The filter effect panel drops down but the cursor does NOT turn into a + -- it was an Arrow.  Clicking caused the image to move as if being dragged.  I hit "g" to return to the Library.  The cursor was still an arrow, but clicking on image thumbnails did not select the image.  Again, quitting Lightroom and re-starting was the only way to restore proper operation.